stars, what stars are made of, why some stars are brighter than others .

Singing twinkle, twinkle little star, but within the boundaries of Earth’s atmosphere, words associated with stars aren’t exactly correct. And, it’s valid and realistic form is less soothing or instead be a gigantic ball emitting gas everywhere.

Stars are massive planetary bodies mainly fueled with hydrogen and helium that generates…

Where does an artist find inspiration to create art? what is the purpose of paintings and the time they serve on their creations? What inspires the artist? Theoretically, these questions are inarguable cause art does not limit to just painting; it includes all kind of visual artistry. Besides, every other…

I’ve seen people with evil minds and empty hearts

who are drowning in the river of hatred,

some are ignorant and others are content whose main

focus is to insult, they dive into a quarrel to make a slander.

they rush on the roads with no conscience

whose methods of defamation are all around.

they don't plan their actions because they’re impulsive minds

with foul plays.

I’ve seen people with no regret after they win over

And, guess what they dart on the roads with lifted heads whose inner voice is doomed to dust.

Alas, now I’ve seen enough.


I know, we’ve been there when people told us to be brave, and somehow it helped the trouble, but we don’t know the exact answer how can we brave?. I can be wrong, but what I experienced is we need to be free from thoughts, we need to be independent, I don’t mean financially but emotionally. Just don’t depend on others for your happiness. Don’t anchor yourself to someone for your happiness, don’t hand yourself to someone for your stability and support. Be your own happiness, in that sense, you can be brave enough to walk alone.

How do you know if you are on the right path? This question sinks our mind into muddle thoughts and ultimately drives us crazy. Happens right? I know I had too. These thoughts come from the jumbled mind, and without knowing the solution, we become devastated.

Here are five indications you’re on the right path:

1: If you’re satisfied…

curly hair, limerick poem illustration,

Limerick Poem

There was a girl

who loves her curl

“I won’t comb” was her exclamation;

so she stayed in the house as a precaution

until she becomes a schoolgirl.

state of suffering and pain

To the agony that I felt

in every inch of heart,

the memories that were

filled with tenderness

and affection has died.

The shallow veins of my

heart are unable to escape.

the soul that was living

in my flesh is no longer

alive. I am caged in

the profound deepness

of mortality.

Zunaira Shaikh

A writer with high spirits to change the perception how world thinks. Also, pursuing my career in English Literature and Linguistics.

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